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List that displays all the leads in the platform which are separated by states

The user can create a new lead, edit it's data, erase it and print a map.

General Actions
Create: Creates a lead with the inserted data. An user can fill the lead's general data, notifications and billing. There are many mandatory fields which are required for the creation of the lead.
Delete: Deletes the lead. Once it's deleted it's impossible to retrieve it.
Activate: Activates the lead.
Deactivate: Deactivates the lead.
Excel: The platform will download an Excel file. Inside that file there will be listed the essential data of the listed leads.
Report: Creates a report with the chosen values where it's possible to print the results.


 Line Actions
Edit: The user may update the entities data.
Calendar: Listing of the selected lead's events. The user may create, edit , activate or deactivate an event. 
Movements: Listing of all the leads movements. The user can create, edit, erase or print movements.
Print: A screen will appear with all the lead's referring data with the option of printing.
Create Project Form: Displays a form in order to create a project with the option of printing.
Create Proposal: The user may create a proposal to the selected lead. The platform has a proposal maintenance where the user can see the created proposals.