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Shows all inserted files.
It's up to the user to decide the structure that he pretends for his files on MediaBunker.

A user can add files or if he prefers a better a better organization of his work he can create folder (it's possible to create folders within folder).

There are two ways to view the structure of your files:Existe duas maneiras de visualizar a estrutura dos seus ficheiros:
    > Mosaic View.
    > List View.

To change the way you see your file's structure simply click the buttons shown below.

Mosaic View

List View

Files Description

The user can see inserted files details. For such simply click the pretended image.
A screen will appear showing various details about the file.

Caracterization: File Type (Ex: jpeg, png).
Information: How much space the file occupies, who uploaded it, upload date,etc.
Audit: File's Audit.