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MediaBunker Groups

List of groups.

Users will be associated with these groups, then permission will be given to those groups.

Created groups will be visible on the permissions screen.

General Actions
Create: Creates the group with the inserted data. The fields "Name", "Download Limit" and "Download limit period" are mandatory for the creation. It's possible to add responsibles and associated users to the group that is being created.
Erase: Deletes the group. Once it's deleted it's impossible to retrieve it.
Activates Activates the group.
Deactivate Deactivates the group.
Print: A screen will appear with all the referring data to the listed groups, that has the option of printing.
Excel: The platform will download an Excel file. Inside that file there will be listed some data of the listed groups.


Line Actions
Edit: The user can update the group's data.